Do I have to register if I have registered last year?

Yes, all previous year registrations have been removed from the system. Please start a fresh registration process to submit your entries for The ABBY Awards 2020.

Which browser should I ideally use to register and fill the entry forms?

The registration and application process should be ideally done using Google Chrome browser for the best user experience.

I cannot find my organization name in the drop down; how do I add a new entrant?

The entrant has an option to register his/her organisation by clicking on the link provided below the entrant organisation dropdown for a new organisation registration.

On clicking the link, the entrant will have to fill the mandatory fields to register the organisation.

I have registered but did not receive any email verification email.

Please check your spam or junk mail box. If the email is not present in either of the folders, please write to support@abby2020.com

Can I change my email id/mobile number post verification?

No. Email id and mobile number cannot be changed post verification.


How do I reset my password?

The entrant does not have an option to reset his/her password.

In case the entrant does not remember his/her existing password, an email will be sent to the registered email id with the password details on clicking the Forgot password link mentioned below the password field.

Where can I find the terms and conditions for applying to the ABBY 2020 awards?

The terms and conditions (T&Cs) are available as a clickable link on the ABBY 2020 login page.

It is mandatory for the user to agree to the T&Cs at the time of the login before filling the entry forms.

Profile details

How many times can I edit my profile?

There is no limit on the number of times an entrant profile can be edited. However, the entrant name, contact person name, email id and mobile number cannot be changed once verified.

How do I change the billing details for any of my entry forms?

The billing entity details can be edited under the Billing entity details section in the My Profile tab.

My organization does not have a GST number. How should I proceed?

The entrant should mention NA (not applicable) in case it does not have a valid GST number.

Entry Form

Is there a hard copy of the online entry form available?

No. Entries will be accepted only through online registration.

Can I include any additional entities in the entry form?

No additional entities are allowed in the entry forms.

Only duly filled and submitted forms will be considered for judging in the jury rounds.

How do I know which fields are mandatory to fill?

All fields marked with a * are mandatory to fill.

The contact person for my entry is different from another entry that I have completed. How do I address this?

Please send an email to support@abby2020.com mentioning the details of the new contact person.

Is it compulsory to attach the supporting material with the entry form?

Yes. The creatives attached with the entry forms will serve as the key criterion for the judging process in the jury rounds.

The entrants should adhere to the file size and format mentioned in the Material format section of entry forms while uploading the supporting material.

The maximum file size of each video is 100MB, audio and print file are 10MB each.

It is recommended that the entrant should send a file in high resolution by the stipulated date.

Can I submit a URL link to my attachment file/video?

All attachments are to be uploaded from the entrants’ system.

In case of Digital, Mobile and Technology category, it is mandatory to upload a URL link.

Do I need to submit a case study in the Media ABBY category?

Yes. The Media ABBY is the only category with a case study that needs to be answered and submitted.

Please adhere to the word limit of the answers while submitting the case study solutions.

What are the entry fees?

The entry fees for each category and sub category combination is different. The information pertaining to the entry fee for different categories can be accessed by downloading the entry forms from the URL below:

How do I edit my entry?

You can edit the form details by clicking on the “edit entry” option in the cart before the final submission.

Till when can I edit my entry form?

An entry form can be edited latest till February 20, 2020.

Can I change the category and sub category of my form post submission

No, the category/subcategory of the form cannot be changed post submission. However, the rest of the fields of the form can be edited/modified.

How do I cancel or make changes to my entry?

The forms can be edited/deleted by choosing the “edit entry” or “delete entry” option.

Entry Submission

What is the eligibility period for our entry submission?

All entries should contain the creatives only released for the first time during the period 16th February 2019 to 15th February 2020.

How do I know if my entry form has been submitted?

On submission of the entry form, the entrant will receive an auto-generated email confirmation from the online system.

How can I submit another entry?

The entrant will have to click on “add entry” option on the cart page.

What is the purpose of “Save as draft”?

The “Save as draft” option will allow the entrant to save the information that he/she has entered in the entry form.

The entrant may choose to visit the entry form later to make changes/complete the pending details at the time he/she is ready to submit.


When do I need to make the payment for the entries?

The payment should be made post submission of entries by clicking on “Proceed to Payment” option on the cart page if you are paying via the following:
a) Credit Card
b) Debit Card
c) Net Banking
d) Cheque
e) Demand Draft

For payment via cheque/Demand draft, a scanned copy of the same should be sent as proof to mathew@theadclub.in

The last date to make the payment is February 24, 2020

Can I change the payment method if I have chosen an offline payment option?

Once the offline payment option has been chosen and respective details have been entered, the payment option cannot be changed.

If the entrant wants to change the payment mode further, the entrant will have to send an email requesting for the change to support@abby2020.com

Can the payment deadline be extended?

No. All payments should be made on or before 24th February 2020. Only entries for which payments have been made will be considered for the shortlisting process.

For payment via cheque/Demand draft, scanned copy as proof should be emailed to mathew@theadclub.in on or before the above-mentioned date.

For further queries, write to support@abby2020.com

Will I receive an invoice after payment?

Once the payment process is complete, entrant will receive an auto generated confirmation email from the ABBY team with the invoice attached.

The entrant can download the invoice to know the full tax breakdown.

How do I arrange an official invoice before I submit my entry?

The entrant will receive an auto generated email containing the proforma invoice post submission of application form.

An official invoice will be available only once the payment is made.

When do I know if I am shortlisted?

The shortlisted entries will be uploaded on www.abby2020.com

- Please follow the link to access the shortlisted entries.